How To Apply Makeup (5 Step by Step Guide)


How to apply makeup (step by step) is a continuation of the previous blog post: How to Apply Foundation (for beginners) so it would be awesome if you read it first! However it isn’t essential as I cover the basics here as well.

Prior to applying makeup we suggest you prepare your skin – this is when you need to use a moisturizer and a primer. These two products allow for easier makeup application so that your skin is smooth and it also makes the makeup last longer.

Step 1: how to apply eyeshadow

How to apply makeup can start with an eye look and then move onto contouring, or it can be done the other way around. At the end of the day how to apply makeup becomes something you do that suits you. It is fun. It can be creative and in so many cases life changing.

Salmon tangle eyeshadow look

how to apply makeup
This look was created using the Salmon Tangle eyeshadow palette

Salmon Tangle is the most beautiful eyeshadow palette from Pierre Rene. It has 6 gorgeous shades ranging from mattes, shimmers and a glitter. Pierre Rene is cruelty free, vegan friendly and hypoallergenic – originating from Poland these products can now be found in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Sweden.

We also have a video from Shannin showing how she created this look (scroll to the end to see it). Below I will list the products that she used from Glamore Cosmetics.

Step 2: contouring makeup

After eyeshadow application you can now focus on contouring which gives your face that extra bit of dimension. This is done using contouring and depending on your skin tone you will choose either lighter or darker shades. There are also different kinds of contouring products such as cream or powder contouring.

How to apply makeup – using contouring

This is a schematic diagram which illustrates where the different products need to be placed onto your face. It is very important to remember that each of these products like the bronzer needs to be blended into the skin using upward motions with a brush.

It can be explained as follows:

ShadeWhere to place on your face
ContourApply below the cheekbones, to the sides of the chin, to the wings and sides of the nose.
BronzerApply on the temples and along the hairline, cheekbones and chin over previously applied contouring powder.
HighlighterBrush the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow over the upper lip, the center of the chin, cheekbone tops, a central place on the forehead and the inner corner of the eye.
How to apply makeup using contour, bronzer and highlighter

Step 3: using a blush

The 3rd step on how to apply makeup would be using a blush. This is very exciting as it gives your skin a pop of color which can either be dewy or matte and depends on the look you are wanting to achieve. In Shannin’s video below she used a lip gloss as a blush and I think this is so creative. Makeup has evolved so much today it is quite crazy as products that are lip glosses can be used as eyeshadow toppers or even blushes. And then if you want a matte effect you can use one of the baked blush from Glamore Cosmetics.

They have 4 different shades of baked powder blushes or pressed powder. These products ensure a delicate shine and fresh appearance to your skin. Baked makeup products contain pigments which disperse the light and optically reduce wrinkles. They color the skin with a light mist and are excellent for subtle cheek coloring and for modelling the facial contour. It can be also used as an eyeshadow (see versatility). It contains a UV filter.

4 shades of baked blushes

Step 4: eye liner and mascara

Due to the fact that we are living in the era of masks step number 4 is application of eye liner and mascara. Some of us legit struggle with eye liner but practice makes perfect. I believe as long as the product is hypoallergenic and doesn’t make you cry you will get it right! The favorite eye liner from our store is waterproof, dries quickly and the tip is ultra thin. This makes application easy and one swipe is all you need.

Liquid eye liner from Pierre Rene Cosmetics

Swatches of the Eye liner

Swatches showing thin lines for easy application

There are loads of mascara brands here in South Africa – in Shannin’s video she used her favorite which is the Must Have Mascara from MIYO makeup. This mascara doesn’t smudge is super affordable and also lasts all day.

Step 5: how to apply lipstick

Last but not least – you now to apply lipstick. I do understand that because of wearing masks many people aren’t wearing lipstick anymore (very sad I know). I can offer you one tip for this step in how to apply makeup – first apply a lip pencil. I feel that this is a hidden gem but it does the best job. These lip pencils are 100% waterproof and smudge proof and you apply them under your actual lipstick. This then allows the lipstick to last all day.

These automatic lip pencils have a creamy consistency which guarantee exceptionally smooth and precise lip makeup. It ensures full color and coverage. The long-lasting formula stays on your lips for many hours. No need for a pencil sharpener just wind it up or down depending on the need you require.

You can easily match your lipstick to the lip pencil

Shannin’s makeup video and products

How to apply makeup – easy and flawless
Products used in the video by Shannin

In conclusion – how to apply makeup is something that you can accomplish. It can take 10 minutes or 30 but in order to make it your own you need to do it every day/ or at least once a week. And don’t be scared to try new colors or even new products. I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have writing it.

All the best for now.

Dr. Gael Baines (Fenhalls – PhD Medical Biochemistry)

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  1. Chloe

    I’m not such a makeup savvy individual and this step by step guide has been my absolute go to 😊

    Nice and easy to understand and get the hang of

    Thank you

    1. Gael Baines

      I really appreciate your valuable feedback thank you 🙂

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