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Best Cream Blush – might become that makeup item (THE ONE) as important as concealer and mascara are these days with everyone (or mostly everyone) still wearing masks – it may very well be the essential makeup item that can change your look in an instant. It can be applied literally everywhere from the cheeks to the nose to the eyes so it does have incredible versatility right? To show this versatility in more detail scroll to the bottom of the post for a guest appearance πŸ™‚ And we also have tips and tricks on how to apply blush – which best cream blush brush to use is incredibly important when trying to achieve a specific look.

Also in this incredibly unique, first ever post, you will find ‘two’ recipes on how to make the best cream blush in the history of blush. I have written about the ‘easy way’ and also, I am providing you with a recipe which I think would work if I wanted to create the best cream blush myself (DIY).

Finally, I have added how to use Monochromatic makeup to this post using best cream blush and/ or eyeshadow BUT with a twist. Read to the end to find out what I did – it will blow your mind! I searched for the best pictures that I could find to show you the spectacular things makeup can do. I think I was successful. It inspired me and left me feeling that creativity is everywhere – I am hoping you feel the same way?

Makeup is my happy place!

And thank goodness blush is no longer associated with ‘grannies’ because recently millennials have been featuring IT on Tik Tok – yip that’s right we are trending as we step into 2022. There are different blush formulas to choose from: cream and powder being the most popular as well as many shades: oranges, pinks, berries and peaches to name a few. It can be difficult to find the right shade of blush for YOU – Glamore Cosmetics has a new range of Blushes from MIYO makeup. They also have some lip glosses which can be used as creamy blushes – these are so worth it and show the versatility of beauty products.

3 shades from Glamore Cosmetics each one has a mirror and 100% recycled packaging

Which shade is right for me?

The first step is finding the right shade (whether the blush is cream based or powder it works the same way) and to do this one has to have similar undertones (warm, cool, or neutral) to your skin like you would with foundation. Undertone? What is that right? So here is a very simple table you can use to identify YOUR undertone. You can thank me later πŸ™‚

Undertone colours using natural light versus paper

Knowing your undertone is the key to good makeup application – it is also very important when you shop for a foundation. Remember that even when the seasons change – your skin shade can also change from maybe a bit lighter to darker but your undertone will always remain the same.

How important is Blush formula?

This is really a very important and pertinent question – and it comes down to skin type and the ingredients. We believe that ingredients in makeup should ALWAYS be cruelty-free. It is 2022 now and with so many options available to us, we have no excuse to be using products that test on animals – read this post for more information on cruelty free products in South Africa. They are here! They are available! What are you waiting for?

Also one should consider trying products that are vegan friendly – you get the same if not better results and FYI the products from Glamore Cosmetics are vegan friendly!

Blushes from MIYO

So as mentioned Glamore Cosmetics have different blushes (creamy and powder-based) – let’s have a look at each shade, discuss the skin undertone for each and then we can talk some more about how to apply blush in such a way that you look natural, fresh and not overdone. This is something you must bear in mind when it comes to Blush – it isn’t a highlighter it doesn’t have the same ‘more is more’ quality.

The goal is to get subtle, sun-kissed skin that is soft and classic. There are 3 powder shades – you can see them here.

Blush shades to match your undertone
3 Shades from Glamore Cosmetics

It’s true (01) – a light pink for fair skin!

Sweet Liar (02) – a darker pink for medium skin tones. This one has a slight shimmer to it – have a look at the swatches below – so maybe NASA is calling anyway?

False Peach (03) for medium skin tones – also with a shimmer

Here are some swatches of the 3 shades which I think show how beautiful the formula is – which shade is your favourite? The shimmer in Sweet Liar and False Peach can clearly be seen from these swatches.

blush vegan friendly trend
Blush swatches

How to make a blush creamy? (DIY)

To be honest if I was sitting with Oprah right now I would tell her that doing DIY with cosmetics/ makeup needs one to have a scientific qualification. One needs to understand chemicals and how they interact together so that we know we aren’t going to damage our skin! Do you think she would laugh at me? Or even giggle? Or maybe raise her one eyebrow? Or maybe she would even say ‘Gael you have 3 degrees – you have the highest degree for a scientist’ do you not think you can make a ‘cream blush’.

I would probably splutter a bit and then ‘blush’ admitting that I am indeed fully capable of putting together ingredients or creating a cream blush at home! It kind of feels exciting to experiment with this and see what formula would hold up – but let me tell you something the ingredients on the internet they are ugly scary: lipstick, food coloring, wax, cocoa powder, mica powders, talc and other stuff. I don’t even know if they ‘belong’ in the best cream blush but people continue to use them. I am not sure of their safety and would not do it until I was 100& sure that it’s right for my skin (and yours).

Best Cream Blush – easy way – 3 ingredients

1. Easy Way

This is simple because I know it will work really quickly and you only need three products. What makes it even more simple is that I know it smells really lovely so nothing else needs to be added to make it into a better product other than converting it into the best cream blush.

The addition is of equal parts (1:1:1) there are two things to bare in mind :1) is that the primer dries quickly so blend smartly with the right mixing tool and 2) watch out for the little shimmers in shades 2 and 3. The glitters might be a problem but I think we can sort it.

Liquid primer from Pierre Rene and Blush from Miyo.

best cream blush
How to make the cream blush – the easy way
  • scrape a small amount using a brush
  • place into a small plastic container
  • add equal amount of the liquid primer
  • mix together as quickly as possible – I used a brush for this
  • once the consistency is liquid add equal parts moisturiser (be very careful not to split the ingredients at this point)
  • mix all 3 ingredients together
  • be careful with the ones that have glitter – turns out they need less moisturiser otherwise the colour bleaches out too quickly
  • apply to your skin with your finger tip
  • then blend using a blush brush
  • pat with finger tips gently into the skin – you will see that it holds well due to the liquid primer but is also moisturising and hydrating because of the moisturiser.
best cream blush – 3 ingredients

Things you did not know about the liquid primer (honestly a hero product)

  1. it is water proof
  2. it can be used with any powder based product like eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter
  3. it brings out the color of the pigment making it brighter – this is very important especially when adding to a product so here ‘less is more’ would work
  4. prolongs the durability of all products

We did it – thanks for the vote of confidence OPRAH!

After a week of trial and error I finally managed with the help from my assistant to make 3 cream blushes!!!!! Cartwheels right or moon leaps and star jumps. Shades 2 and 3 with the glitters I have to admit were hard as they either settled too well onto the skin and did not blend OR the next day they were gone. Anyways guys I am chuffed I managed to make the best cream blush that I could.

I asked Emma to give them a test run today (it is 35 degrees in Cape Town) she seemed happy – she was happy with the pigment and that they blended into the skin. Subtle right? And even monochromatic – scroll down to read more about that πŸ™‚

2. DIY from scratch

One of the biggest reasons I would not do this (unless I had hit pan or something like that) is that I think all the necessary ingredients for great skincare and makeup are already in this blush – but it is not the best cream blush so I am choosing to make one myself.

When making DIY cream blushes I used several resources – looking for ingredients and trying to find the best ones. I am putting the link of one here incase you have more questions or need more information: Beauty Guide by Ashley Teague.

The DIY best cream blush was dewy and hydrating (from the first experiment) because I used the hydrating cream from Delia Cosmetics. I followed the instructions from the Beauty Guide by Ashley Teague and mixed the powder blush with the hydrated moisturizer. Unfortunately using the blush and just the moisturiser alone didn’t sit well on the skin – it was all absorbed and sadly there was no color! It is very important for makeup to ‘not slide’ off your skin regardless of the heat it needs to stay and stay until the end of the day (literally). It might have worked if I had tried a foundation or primer first but I did not do that.

There are four ingredients that you will need:
2 tsp. Organic Shea Butter
1 tsp. Vegetable-Based Emulsifying Wax
1 tbsp. Aloe Leaf Juice
Finely ground Beet Root Powder (pink) or Madder Root Powder (Orange)

Step 1: Add organic shea butter and emulsifying wax into a glass bowl.
Step 2: Heat the mixture on a double-boiler until everything melts (you could also use a microwave).
Step 3: Add aloe leaf juice to the mixture, stir slowly until blended.
Step 4: While stirring, gradually add pigment(s) of your choice, until the color reaches your desired shade.
Step 5: Pour the mixture into a container and let it cool.

Prep time: 5 minutes to get everything well-blended.
Cooling: Although the cooling takes another 30 minutes, overall this project is easy from start and quick to finish.

This is a warning that comes with making this product: WARNING/CAUTION: For external use only. If product contacts eye, wash eye immediately with large amounts of water for several minutes, especially under the eyelids. Consult an eye specialist if irritation persists. Do not use if you have allergies to the ingredients listed above. Patch testing recommended prior to use.

I think for me the results are conclusive what do you think? The best option at this point would be the liquid primer to hold the blush + hydrating moisturizer + the powder blush = the best cream blush! THIS WORKED!! It was amazing seeing just these 3 ingredients come together so beautifully. They blended with a blush brush and also smelled divine (I mean of course they would!!!). And didn’t Em look so pretty?

Do you think this is the best cream blush? I think we should have a vote! Leave YES/ NO in the comments and the winner will win a set of blushes from Glamore Cosmetics (thank you) and a small set of the cream blushes I made.

Flawless Makeup Looks with Shannin

Our beauty expert who you can find on social media (@shanninwithaneye) created these looks using the different shades of powder Blush – so you can see how gorgeous they actually are:

What do you do for a living? “I glow”!!

The very gorgeous Shannin – love this look using the blush from MIYO.

How to Apply Blush – tips and tricks from experts

So now you know which is your shade right? Now we need to apply it in such a way that the effect is subtle and natural – invest in some makeup brushes and you are good to go! At this point the right brush is really important – the ones we recommend and use are synthetic and this makes a huge difference.

This is a synthetic bristled brush that is densely packed and picks up the right amount of product. When you use buffing circular motions with this brush, the product melts into your skin. It then brings out the sheen of the formula of blush shades 2 and 3 (which have a slight shimmer to them). It is also the best brush blush to use for a cream blush as it will assist with blending and won’t pick up too much product,

This technique is also especially useful for those with enlarged pores but who still love a glowy blush. This technique and the formula of the MIYO powder blushes ensure a smooth skin texture. This is in comparison to a natural haired brush which picks up too much product and leaves us open to the dreaded ‘clown blush’ which is to be avoided as much as possible. So for beginners, the holographic brush is an absolute MUST!

Natural brush which will pick up too much product and to be avoided by beginners.

Pucker up! If you make a kissy face in the mirror, the area of your face where you are aiming to apply will show in high-definition. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and sweep lightly upward to the sides of your eyes to create a natural-looking flush.

Where to Apply Blush: 

If you want to create a rosy look, you can also apply cream blush to your hairline and jawline like you would for contouring. To really peach up your persona, you can sweep the blush down the middle of your nose like you would for highlighting. But, using blush and bronzer together, using blush and highlighter together, or all three at the same time will add the most depth and interest to your facial structure.

Blush Versatility

And here we are! With a special guest appearance from the one and only Emma Baines! Emma, is to put in simple terms a ‘makeup addict’ Now that we have to still wear masks every day she is always bemoaning the fact that she can’t wear ‘red lipstick’ or highlighter or foundation. So when I asked her to do a monochromatic makeup look for me she nearly had a litter of kittens! The excitement was real – she was so happy!

Monochromatic look in Peach!

The monochromatic makeup look trend has been described as simple, using the same colour from a palette (yes eyeshadow for instance) for eyes, lips and cheeks. It is important here to remember that undertone is very important so if you have light/fair skin then pinks would be the best option for you. Two of the best beauty products that are most used for a monochromatic makeup look is blush and eyeshadow and often these are blended together for a flawless makeup look!

Monochromatic Makeup Look one colour on eyes, lips and cheeks

There are generally speaking five different looks: 1) Minimal Monochrome, 2) Perfectly Peach, 3) Rosy Raspberry, 4) Warm Neutrals and last 5) Retro Glam.

  1. Minimal Monochrome – simple, easy, fresh, effortless one makeup product suitable for lips, eyes and cheeks!
  2. Perfectly Peach – peach colored shades can look good on any skin tone. Create a modern makeup moment using peach colored hues from either eyeshadow palettes or the gorgeous shimmer peach blush from Miyo Makeup. This is a sun kissed monochromatic look which captures the essence of Summer (without the sun).
  3. Rosy Raspberry – this look is a deep shade of pink almost like berries use berry tone makeup hues on the lips, eyes and cheeks.
  4. Warm Neutrals – sweet and simple, soft bronze neutrals that are glowy but not golden creating an elevated minimal monochromatic makeup look.
  5. Retro Glam – remember the 90s?? Remember the vintage shades of brown and champagne that were so popular back then? This is Retro Glam – and it is making a come back. Adding a smoky eye will create even more drama so this one is definitely a winner! Oh and PS: don’t forget to add lashes πŸ™‚

As we head into 2022 there are a few makeup trends which you should be looking out for: glossy lips, neon eyeliner, crystal, metallic studs, and blush contouring – with our darling of a shade PEACH!!! It is easily one of the most universally flattering shades as peach comes in a variety of shades! From rich, bright, almost-orange shades for deeper skin tones to pale pastels for the super fair skin tones – I guarantee that you will be able to find a flattering shade of peach. Another fantastic quality of peach is that it suits all undertones too – cool, warm and neutral so no one is excluded!

How to create a Monochromatic Peach Look by Emma:

Emma here and let me explain how I created this look. Do not be intimidated – it’s a simple look with a dramatic twist. Let’s start with eyes – I used the light brown shade from the Feminine Flame Palette to set my concealer, which I used as an eyeshadow base. I built this colour up a little bit and then jumped right into the peach shade from the Fancy Peach palette (how perfectly named!).

I took my time building this colour up – focusing on the middle part of my eye and the crease. I slowly brought the peach into my inner corner and concentrated the colour there. I dipped back into the peach shade with my eyeshadow brush whenever I wanted to pick up more pigment.

Finally, with whatever was left on the brush, I blended out the outer edge. I then added the deep brown from the Fancy Peach palette to the very outer corner of my eye to create some depth and then blended that into the peach. For my final trick, and to add some sparkle, I tapped some of the Sprinkle Me loose pigment in shade Nose Candy for that shimmer shimmer! I did lay down some Miyo Glitter glue before laying down the pigment. These pigments are VEGAN FRIENDLY which I totally love!

I do eyes first because I love adding sparkle and there is always fallout from loose pigments. If I do my eyes first, I am able to clean up with a makeup wipe or micellar remover.

To create the best cream blush in shade orange or pink (matte) you can add the Rene Liquid primer (equal parts) and the hydrating moisturizer (equal parts) which can then be applied on your lips, eyes or cheeks BOOM creating new makeup products change our creativity.

For the face, I used my usual favs – the Pierre Rene Foundation and Contour Concealer. I set the concealer with the under-eye brightening powder (BIG LOVE!!). Before I set the rest of my face, I used the new Delia liquid highlighter on the highpoints of my face for extra glow because I am all about that glow, honey! I thereafter set my face with my standard setting powder.

To tie in with the monochromatic feel of this look, I first applied the Miyo Cheeky Blush in shade 03 False Peach. I usually apply bronzer first but applied blush first this time because I really wanted the peach to shine. After I had applied too much blush on the cheeks and my nose, scary but bare with me, I toned it down with my Pierre Rene bronzer. I found that this blended the bronzer into the blush and not the other way around so I looked subtly flushed, peachy and summery!

Then I get to my favourite part – highlighter, highlighter, highlighter. I am still all about NASA being able to see me from space so I go absolutely CRAZY with the highlighter. I am talking cheekbones, chin, upper lip, above the eyebrows, nose – anywhere highlighter can go, I use it. For this look, I used the Oceanic Vitamin C Highlighter and let me tell you – Oh My WORD! Stunning, amazing, beautiful, never been done before, outstanding, innovative, impressive, HELLO NASA- CAN YOU SEE ME??

Last but not least, I set my face with my setting spray to bring all the powders together so it melts into the skin.

Hello NASA remember me?

Monochromatic Looks in Face Charts

You can purchase a Face chart booklet from MIYO makeup – it has tons of different looks which you can have fun with. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to use this book – it is just for fun and to try different colours and techniques. It also allows you to practice using different brushes and to experiment with blending. We have a couple of these books available so if you would like to try it please leave a comment or email me.

A really good use for this kind of chart is converting dry makeup products into wet ones. For instance most eyeshadows are dry so by adding a little bit a primer it becomes more versatile. It would also work for powder blush – again when you adding a little bit of primer you can create the best cream blush. This blush can now be used also as an eyeshadow and a lipstick. There is a really cool blog post available – which really illustrates the versatility of this primer – you can find it here. Anything dry can be made ‘wet’ using this product!

Face chart from MIYO makeup

Face charts have been used for several years to experiment with makeup looks – it allows anyone to express themselves on paper. The paper is special and the makeup products are ‘real’. Basically, people do makeup on special paper instead of faces. It is a fun, artistic way to experiment with new looks and techniques!

The face charts look used in this post have all come from a page on Instagram called The Face Chart it is an amazing page to follow and one can see the different looks one can create! The first face chart collage, below, is a really dramatic depiction of the monochromatic looks discussed above. From the top left, we have the retro glam, minimal monochrome perfectly peach and rosy raspberry. Keep in mind that these charts take what one would do on the face and elevate it to the next, super dramatic level by sculpting the cheeks and extending the eyelashes. What is fun about these is that you can really let your imagination run wild and experiment with colour.

As you are applying makeup on paper, you don’t have to worry about taking any of it off – if you don’t like what you’ve done, you pull out a new face chart and start again.

Now, you have seen simple monochrome face charts, I want to show you some really dramatic ones that go all out using one colour.

Definitely not your everyday makeup looks!

What I love about these is that it shows how versatile monochromatic makeup can be. We often think that using one colour means that the look, or even outfit, will be bland and boring – Nah UH! There is so much ‘wow’ behind the above face charts – you wouldn’t think that the artists had only used one colour. They have added definition by using various tones of the same colour and this expands the depth of the makeup look.

This leads me nicely into my top monochromatic makeup tip: to add depth, use various shades and tones of your monochromatic colour. Emma did her peach look above by using a different shade of peach for her blush than on her eyes. She also used a different shade of peach for her lips. This creates interest and dynamic as well as avoids the face looking flat. Various tones are important, and definitely a secret weapon!

Face Charts using Miyo Products

This face chart is monochromatic especially as the lips and eyes are bright red but the cheeks are a little less bright. It was created by @nika0224 and one of the products that were used was the eyeshadow palette the Color Me Up Palette from Miyo Makeup. Also, I really do love the blue makeup look – don’t you? Another bonus about these charts is that you can even glue on eyelashes or use actual sprinkle me Glitters.

Red monochrome look created by @nika0224

Color Me Up Eyeshadow Palette

The pigmentation in these eyeshadows are top-notch, there is no fallout and it is incredibly long-lasting. There are 5 shades to choose from and they can easily be mixed using the liquid primer from Pierre Rene. The versatility of this eyeshadow palette is unbeatable – you can literally add it to anything as it is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

Swatches on the left and the eyeshadow palette on the right

Another beauty influencer on Instagram also created a Face chart look – it is incredible – she used the Carnival Eyeshadow Palette which is also featured in this post – scroll down to see the shades. And yes is it isn’t monochromatic makeup but I could not resist adding it to this post as the colours are vibrant and the makeup is spectacular.

With this palette you can easily create an orange/ peach cream blush by mixing the shades with the liquid primer and some moisturiser! Scroll down to see the eyeshadow palette.

Face chart look using the Carnival eyeshadow palette
Different looks using one of the best eyeshadow palettes in the world πŸ™‚

Wow! This post felt like a marathon – it was exciting and interesting! I have to say I enjoyed making the best cream blush πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed it too – Don’t forget to leave a comment or share it with your friends. Makeup itself is just growing in so many different ways my next post is going to be about ‘how YOU can do something to save the environment. See you there πŸ™‚

PLUS don’t forget to enter our competition in the comment section πŸ™‚

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